Warning Signs to Consider When Choosing a Rooftop Solar Installer

Utah has many professional and honest rooftop solar developers and installers, but our customers have raised concerns about misleading tactics being used by some salespeople. We are providing information and warning signs to help you recognize a scam.

Here are statements to be wary of when choosing a solar company:

  • “Rocky Mountain Power has sent me to help you add rooftop solar panels.” Rocky Mountain Power does not have any door-knocking or phone call outreach efforts for rooftop solar installations. Rocky Mountain Power employees have uniforms and identification. You can call our customer service at 1-888-221-7070 to verify if a person works for Rocky Mountain Power or to report someone fraudulently representing the company. Rocky Mountain Power does have a Subscriber Solar Program for customers who choose not to install solar panels. This program does not use phone solicitors or door-to-door salespeople.
  • “Rocky Mountain Power is required to install so many rooftop solar panels each year.” Rocky Mountain Power encourages solar power but is under no obligation to install any number of rooftop solar panels.
  • “You will never have another electricity bill.” It is unlikely you will be totally off the grid even if you own a generator or large batteries with your rooftop solar system. In fact, you will be using the grid 23.99 percent of each day to either send your electricity back to the energy company for credit or to receive electricity when your system is not producing enough energy for your use.
  • “Rocky Mountain Power will send you a check instead of a bill.” Rooftop solar customers will not receive a check from Rocky Mountain Power. The energy company gives a credit for the excess electricity produced by rooftop solar customers.
  • “Homeowners will pay no upfront costs or can get a loan for rooftop solar panels and all costs will be covered.” Rocky Mountain Power is not aware of any company that can provide rooftop solar panels at no cost. Some leasing companies may not require upfront costs but will require monthly payments for the solar system. We encourage you to independently verify the benefits, incentives and costs of any rooftop solar system. We have produced a checklist for you to consider before making a purchase. You can also check with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection or the Utah Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been made about a solar company.
  • “Rocky Mountain Power’s electricity rates are expected to rise steeply each year during the next decade.” Rocky Mountain Power does not expect any major price increases within the next 10 years. The graph below shows that energy prices in Utah have increased by an annual average of only 0.6 percent since 1986.



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