Large-Scale and Rooftop Solar in Utah Grow by Leaps in 2016

Large-scale and rooftop solar in Utah grow by leaps in 2016

Whether it’s the rapid growth of homes with rooftop panels, or the sprouting up of new large-scale solar farms around the state, there is no question that solar power is growing exponentially in Utah.

The dramatic increase comes from a big decline in the cost of solar panels and a desire by more Utahns to power their homes and businesses with renewable energy.

The numbers show what’s happening:

Rocky Mountain Power Rooftop Solar Customers in Utah

3,500 in 2015   |   13,000 in 2016   |  ↑400% 2015-2016

In 2010, Rocky Mountain Power had fewer than 800 customers in Utah with their own rooftop solar panels. By 2015, it had grown to more than 3,500, and is expected to approach 13,000 by the end of this year. That’s nearly
400% more rooftop solar customers in just one year

Solar farms are growing too

In the last two years alone, more than 20 new large-scale solar farms will have been built and connected to the power grid by the end of 2016. The generating capacity of these new solar farms in Utah is about 800 megawatts.

Rocky Mountain Power | Solar Farms Are Growing Too


More renewable energy on the power grid

Overall, Rocky Mountain Power’s solar- and wind-generating capacity has increased nearly 40% so far in 2016 compared to this point last year. The renewable energy from these sources is on track to account for nearly 30% of our entire peak electricity demand (the times when customers need the most electricity) by the end of this year.

As this increase in solar and wind power make up a greater portion of power on the grid, Rocky Mountain Power customers can also sign up for their own renewable energy options and directly benefit from this continued growth.

Renewable energy programs for customers

Among these is our new Subscriber Solar program, which allows customers to sign up to receive blocks of energy from a new solar farm near Holden, Utah.

Business customers also have a new energy option, where they can elect to have Rocky Mountain Power produce or purchase renewable energy on their behalf. We also offer an award-winning Blue Sky program that allows customers to support new renewable energy development and community projects all over the state.

The future of solar in Utah

Rocky Mountain Power is excited about solar energy and fully supports its growth. Check out KUTV2’s recent story on how Utah is helping drive the growth of solar.