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What You Need to Know About Customer Generation

When you become a rooftop solar customer, the way you’re billed for your energy usage is called net metering. It’s a special rate where rooftop solar customers are credited 10¢ per kWh for the energy they don’t use.

As more Utah homeowners are adding rooftop solar panels to their homes, we need to ensure that those who don’t choose rooftop solar aren’t picking up the tab.

How does this happen?
  1. Rooftop solar customers are credited 10¢ per kWh for the energy they don’t use and sell to Rocky Mountain Power.
  2. That credit is 3x higher than the price Rocky Mountain Power pays for utility-scale solar energy.
  3. Customers without rooftop solar pay the difference of that cost.
  4. That cost keeps increasing because more than 17,000 customers have rooftop solar panels, and it’s growing.

What We’re Doing

We are actively engaged in discussions with solar developers, renewable energy advocates and regulatory agencies to find a more balanced solution – one that works for all Utahns.

Our goals are to help:
  • Net metering customers see savings because they are generating power to cover some of their usage.
  • Net metering customers pay less out-of-pocket for their installations so they can recover their upfront costs quicker.
  • More customers be able to afford solar so they can save money and reduce their environmental footprint.
Giving you choices

If you don’t want the maintenance and expense of rooftop solar panels on your house, you have other options to get renewable energy. More and more of the energy on the grid is coming from renewable sources.

Join Blue Sky

  • Support wind power in the west.
  • Help support renewable energy projects in your communities.
  • Just $1.95 per 200 kWh block, per month

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Join Subscriber Solar

  • Subscribe to utility-scale solar.
  • Get solar even if you can’t afford it, or live in an apartment.
  • Subscribe in 200 kWh blocks to offset some or most of your energy usage with solar power.

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