Customer Generation

Net metering under its current structure is unsustainable because it creates imbalances among customers. We understand that talking about changing net metering may come across as “anti-solar,” but really the changes are about fairness.

Here is Rocky Mountain Power’s Position on Customer Generation

What we support

We’re working toward universal solar for all Utah homes, businesses and communities so everyone can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy. We support policies where rooftop solar customers can sell back their excess energy at a competitive rate.

Why we support it

Allowing rooftop solar customers to sell back their excess energy at a competitive rate supports the growth of renewable energy in a sustainable way.

What we think needs to change

A fair system means paying rooftop solar customers the same competitive price we pay for other solar energy instead of above-market rates that result in higher costs for all customers.

Why all customers need to share costs of maintaining the energy grid

We know that some rooftop solar customers may choose to separate from the energy grid, and we agree they shouldn’t have to pay for the energy grid if they don’t use it. But if rooftop solar customers continue to use the energy grid (for backup power and to earn credits for selling energy back), then they should share the costs of operating and enhancing the energy grid like all other customers.

What Utahns Are Saying

We conducted a survey among people who live in Utah, asking what they think about renewable energy and net metering. Here’s what they said:


agree that rooftop solar customers should pay for using the power grid


say it’s important that we provide renewable energy options


agree it doesn’t make sense for customers to subsidize rooftop solar customers