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We’re pleased that we have agreed to a settlement that makes the growth of rooftop solar more viable for more Utahns. The agreement is awaiting formal approval by the Utah Public Service Commission, which reviewed the settlement in a hearing Monday, Sept. 18. Here’s a quick snapshot of what the settlement entails:

  • Current net metering customers will remain on the existing net metering program until January 1, 2036, continuing to receive full credit for their excess generation. Existing net metering customers will be grandfathered for approximately 18 years.
  • Customers who submit applications to install solar systems prior to November 15, 2017 would qualify as “current” net metering customers.
  • The current Net Metering Program will be retired on November 15, 2017. A Transition Program will be launched by December 1, 2017 and will continue for approximately 3 years (exact dates to be determined).
  • Customers that connect during the Transition Program timeframe will pay regular rates for their usage, and then they will receive a separate bill credit for any generation that they send back to the grid (called export credit).


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